the essentials: ” I” is Investment Bag – Pt. 2


just a quick follow-up from my previous post on the “Investment” Bag. 

how i work it: this Cole Haan tote is the perfect work bag for me. it’s a medium size bag that holds my wallet, phone, camera, small umbrella, iPad, iPod, make-up bag (that has Advil, eye drops, hand lotion and lip balm in it – no actual makeup), and some other items. 

i’ve been toting it around for about 3 years now (maybe more) when i picked it up on a trip to Chicago – love that city btw. it’s the first time i’ve spent proper money on a handbag and i’m glad i did. who knows, when i win the lottery i might upgrade to an LV or Birkin. Until then imma work this one until it falls apart, cause that’s the kinda girl i am!

how do work your handbag (e.g. tote, oversized, hobo, clutch)?

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