inspiration: super bright orange pants and lots of leather

finding some inspiration for workwear in these runway looks from derek lam:

No.1 – bold trousers

this colour screams ‘HAPPY!’

but i can see how some folks might be afraid the pant may scare folks in your cube. don’t fret, you can still bring some happy into your wardrobe with this colour. try it in a skirt, a handbag or even some jewellery. 

No. 2 red leather

too much leather for your cube? try a red leather top or a purse

No. 3 the a-line look

not only do i love the a-line look but i also love the classical colour combo in the stripes of the top: white, tan and a hint of orange.  

i might ‘work’ this look by wearing white trousers, tan blouse, and pop of orange in my footwear or handbag.




About cassandra mcd.

Style loving 9-to-5er who believes we should always be learning (and doing it in style), coffee lover and oh yeah, totally Instagram obsessed!
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