Inspiration: amp up your office attire

i’ve been looking for spring inspiration for my workwear – despite the below zero temps outside. i came across these fave looks from a recent segment on office attire on steven and chris: 



too bold a suit for your cube-dwelling work style? break it up. work the pants without the blazer or and perhaps the blazer with a pencil skirt or on casual friday with some dark wash denim and a white shirt. oh the possibilities! (suit – banana republic)



luv the shoes, the panelling on this dress and just the overall chicness of this banana republic look.



i want this h&m dress. what a fun way to bring animal print into the office and it can do double duty if you are going out after work. 



give those dark wash trouser jeans a break on your next casual friday and try coloured skinny instead. whether bright or muted tones, this is a great alternate look for cas’ fridays. (pants – jacobs/handbag – roots)

hope this gives you some inspirations when thinking about how to amp up your look for the cube this spring – even if spring is like 5 months away…sighs.



About cassandra mcd.

Style loving 9-to-5er who believes we should always be learning (and doing it in style), coffee lover and oh yeah, totally Instagram obsessed!
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