cube dwelling: It’s in the (lunch) bag!

you’ve seen us early mornings, on the train or walking to work. the “double-baggers”, “triple-baggers” and yes, even the rarely spotted “four-baggers”.

walking with a lopsided swagger, we haul our baggage: overstuffed handbag slung over the shoulder and a lunchbag in hand. yes, we march onward to the beat of our overburdened drum.

while fashionistas across the globe are busy coveting the latest ‘it’ bag, we yearn for a stylish yet functional carryall that really does carry “all” – especially our lunches. you see, brown baggin’ it is part of the cube-dwelling workstyle. that’s how we roll.

we need an extra-large tote to haul our wares (tupperware that is), small bags won’t cut it. And those thermal floral print lunchbags *shudder*. it’s gotta have more style than that for sure.


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Style loving introvert, a student of life and lover of all things brunch! Hello, French Toast! Oh yeah, I'm also Instagram obsessed! Just learning to practice gratitude and self-love and hoping to inspire other badass babes who are also searching for happiness!
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