cube dwelling: let’s don’t watch the weight



cube-dweller 1: “so , how far along are you?”

awkward pause

cube-dweller 2: “ahhh, i’m not pregnant.” *even longer awkward pause*

you’ve undoubtedly heard this scenario before but have you heard it on flip-side? This is what happened to me recently:

her:”omg, you’re soooo skinny, why are you soooo skinny?! you lost weight. Are you not well?”

me:”nope. haven’t lost any weight. i’m well. thanks.” *annoyed face*

honestly, if someone had issues with their weight, especially if it’s due to illness, do you really think it’s something one wishes to discuss with one’s co-workers?! it’s not. *eye-roll*


keep comments regarding your fellow cube-dweller’s weight to yourself, even if you mean it in a good way! its much safer that way – for everyone.



About cassandra mcd.

Style loving 9-to-5er who believes we should always be learning (and doing it in style), coffee lover and oh yeah, totally Instagram obsessed!
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