shopping 101 – an outlet for your shopping woes?

hate the malls? hate paying full-price for clothes? or do you feel that waiting for items to go on sales is a waste of time?

outlet malls might be the solution for you. outlets have upped their game in terms of merch; there can be great buys to be had all year round.


consider shopping at outlet malls if you’re wardrobe budget is tight or even if you’re not on a tight budget. who doesn’t love a good deal?!

If you haven’t guessed yet, i like to shop when the mall opens to avoid crowds. i’d do the same for outlet shopping as well; also if you’re driving, you can get a prime parking spot early in the a.m.

beauty of boutiques – boutique shopping is great for the unique pieces to add some interest to your work-wear or support local designers. Boutiques are small so you can get to know the owner/staff and get the scoop on when the have sales.



About cassandra mcd.

Style loving 9-to-5er who believes we should always be learning (and doing it in style), coffee lover and oh yeah, totally Instagram obsessed!
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