work relating: hate shopping? suck-it-up and deal

chilly: “i hate shopping!” 

me: “well, when you only shop once a year i can see how you could feel that way.” 

as much as i enjoy looking stylish for work i don’t enjoy spending hours in the mall or trying on outfit after outfit. i’m well aware of how so not fun shopping can be.   

shopping more than once a year and shopping smart can ease some of that pain and be less taxing on your wallet in the long-run. Here are some other tips to help you deal with the ordeal of shopping: 

  • start with your closet
  • stick with one area of your lifestyle
  • make a list
  • have a budget
  • be an informed shopper
  • common sense stuff
  • try it on
  • if at first you don’t succeed, keep going
  • head to outlet malls
  • bring a friend
  • check yourself out 

i’ll share more on each of these tips over the next few weeks. 



About cassandra mcd.

Style loving 9-to-5er who believes we should always be learning (and doing it in style), coffee lover and oh yeah, totally Instagram obsessed!
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