Closet Redis: When the Cashmere calls, step away

i recenlty recieved emails from two former coworkers in need of shopping assistance: Chilly said, “i need everything” and then Lisa-Marie emailed, ”help!”

so for the past two saturdays i’ve been walking around a shopping mall for hours. i know, its like the universe is mocking me! i’m trying to resist the urge to splurge and work-with-what-i-got and i end up hanging out in a mall two weekends in a row. sheesh. but you know what they say, friends in need…

so there i was store after store surrounded by new fall fashions; boots, sweaters, dresses, and coats. oh my. think i might have experienced withdrawl symptoms:

  • uneasiness in my stomach at sight of tall leather boots, 
  • my pulse doing double-time as i walked passed leopard heels,
  • shortness of breath at the sight of the cashmere sweater, and
  • jittery-ness all round (although that could have been from too much coffee).

it was hard but i stayed focused on the mission and talked myself into distraction! one day at a time, one day at a time. *sighs*

i have to admit, despite the let down of not buying something for myself, it did feel pretty awesome helping my friends look and feel fabulous.


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