Work Relating: Lookin’ good – time well spent

what i’m learning from my closet inventory adventure is that looking put-to-together takes time and effort. no wonder people fall into the ‘uniform trap’ – you know, when you can tell the day of the week by what your co-worker is wearing? oh it must be tuesday ‘cause Morrie’s wearing his blue golf shirt and navy blue pants. 

who’s got time or even wants to think about putting together “outfits”? i get it. but here’s the thing, i like to think of looking put-together for work as just another way of taking care of myself (like exercising and eating right) and as a part of my career plan.  

It’s a win-win: when I look good i feel good and this will spill into how i’m perceived at the office.  and cube-dwellers who look professional (and have a killer work ethic) will likely get noticed at work in a good way than someone who doesn’t.


you know how people plan their meals for the week? well, do the same with your outfits for work.

set some time aside on, say, sundays preparing your outfits for the work week (at least 3 days). this will give you a chance to mix things up a little, and, more importantly, save you tons of time in the mornings.





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